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Process Improvement Studies



Our experience has shown that there are a number of approaches to change management and process (re)design and business process re-engineering.


wiki interlinking

this is a test to see if we can [[link]] to a wiki page and or pick up arm and glaxo

something very new

this is another test of [[stufflinks]] and the [[rest]]

wiki linkage testing

this is a test of a [[superlinkere]] so lets see if anything happens


I now have to write and include terms such as BT for British Petroleum and of course the biotech sectorInteresting to companies such as ARM

About Me

Roger James

A chemist by training and a IT Director by vocation Roger has over 20 years experience in applying IT to research led, information intensive industries including the Defence industry, the Life Sciences and Academia. In his primary role as IT Director he has worked for Sema, Glaxo, Napp, The British Library and The University of Westminster.

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